Stopping a Dangerous Article V Convention

The only way to defend our values against this threat is if ordinary people like us step up to make a difference. Join the fight today.

Do you know what your legislators are working on?

The Constitution has our rights and values woven through it so carefully and so cautiously because of the immense strength it needs to uphold the pillars of our democracy.  

But these rights and the values at the core of our nation, the freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and right to vote, are now at stake. With the possibility of an Article V constitutional convention – states are starting to take notice of what is happening behind the public’s back.  

Recently in New Hampshire, HCR 6 – a bill calling for a constitutional convention and thus adding to the number of states that had already called – was thankfully defeated. There is now a bill, HCR 9, that if passed, would rescind all calls New Hampshire has made for a constitutional convention.  

However, most constituents are unaware this is going on or what the dangers are to the Constitution if these calls are not rescinded.  

Herein lies the problem, the battle for an Article V constitutional convention is the most dangerous threat to our democracy that most Americans have never heard of. Backed by major resources coming from the Mercer family (known for their support of President Trump and Republican candidates) and large contributions from the Koch-connected Donors Trust – this campaign is well funded, and they are prepared to win.  

More importantly, so are we. Through the education of the American public of what this means for our Constitution, our values and rights inherently granted to us through this founding document – we are working to ensure the public is no longer in the dark.  

That’s what is happening in New Hampshire.  

Constituents are speaking up for their rights and making sure their elected leaders understand that what they are debating will affect not only their state – but America as a whole.  

The Editorial Board for the Concord Monitor writes, “A move to rescind that resolution deserves the support of every lawmaker and every voter who fears the potential loss of liberties that could occur at such an event.”  

They go on to say that they were reminded of the dangers of a constitutional convention because of two recent letters that were sent in by voters who are also in favor of supporting HCR 9.  

“In the words of Harvard professor and constitutional expert Michael Klarman, ‘I think a convention can do anything they want – re-establish slavery, establish a national church. I just don’t think there’s a limit.’ No rules exist to govern delegates to such a convention. They could, for example, outlaw abortion or legalize it. Criminalize homosexual behavior or set religious requirements for holding office.”  

Thank you to those in New Hampshire for speaking out against this dangerous legislation and working to call on your leaders to do the right thing and rescind all calls for a constitutional convention. Let this be a lesson in democracy that when you make your voice heard, the only choice is for others to listen.  

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